Crystal frequencies 1

Crystal frequencies 1

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Group     TIBETAN QUARTZ purity compassion
     DENDRITIC AGATE plenty limitlessness
     FIRE AGATE passion sacred rage
     AMMONITE spiral word sound
     ASTROPHYLLITE rebirth dignity defiance
     MICA synthesis choice crossroads
     HELIOTROPE inner christos uniqueness
     CAT'S EYE unveiling pleasure sensuality
     OCEAN JASPER wellbeing trust wild grace
     BLACK OBSIDIAN deflection revolution truth
     AMAZONITE integrity freedom respect
     AMBER vitality untamed joy ageless
     RUBY AURA QUARTZ presence
     RUBY potency maturity integration
     ISIS CRYSTAL resourcefulness determination
     HEMATITE boundaries grounding genius
     STROMATOLITE steadfastness patience immortality
     LAVA STONE cooling longing desire
     CLEAR CALCITE karmic grace detox divine alignment
     BLUE STAR SAPPHIRE higher will initiation focus
     RHODOCHROSITE sensitivity emotional healing inner child
     GREEN CHRYSOPRASE higher mind renewal discernment
     ROSOPHIA christ consciousness divine mother sacrificial love
     AQUA AURA QUARTZ alchemy awakening embodiment
     RHODONITE loving service empowered talent
     MOSS AGATE earth healing planetary consciousness
     AMETHYST spiritual connection communication
     ZINCITE power balance
     PEARL amrita enlightenment spiritual rebel
     DANBURITE innocence purity original self
     CELESTITE serenity trust protection
     PERIDOT compassion increase
     CITRINE radiance consciousness expansion growth

Shared dowsing chart by agni, the 12/21/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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